PS Snyman Sandwerk

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What we're about

Snyman Sandworx was established as a sole proprietor in 1999 with only one bakkie to do deliveries with. Because PS Snyman Sandworx loves speedy deliveries and the great support of our community we could soon afford a second hand yellow six cubic meter tipper truck.

Wow! We’ve came a long way since then... Today we proudly own two 6 cubic meter trucks, Two 10 cubic meter trucks and a 20 cubic truck to do our deliveries with.

The journey was rough, but it was every bit worth it. Today we not only provide and sell building materials we, also transport grain to the silos. We also provide chicken and pig manure for a greener garden.


We strive to be as affordable as possible ,
To do our deliveries as soon as possible
and to be as save as possible on the roads.

Snyman Sandworx truck moving


Here at Snyman Sandworx we have a great team that makes sure everyone of our clients are happy and satisfied.

PS Snyman Sandworx team